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Last Updated: 11/19/2021 6:01 PM


Inclement Weather - FlashAlert 
School Closures & Delays


You can now receive text messages with the Remind system.

To get text notifications:

  • Join by text:
    Participants text a unique class or school code to a Remind phone number 81010. For example, if you wanted to join a class with the class code "math", you would text: @math to 81010. 
  • Join online:
    Visit and enter the class or school code along with your mobile phone number. You'll get text notifications at the number you entered.

Get mobile app notifications.
Download the mobile app for iOS and Android devices and create a new account (or log in if you already have one.) To join a class, tap the by Classes Joined and either join with your class code or search for your class. You'll automatically get app notifications.


Updates and Alerts Class codes for each school are listed below. The codes below are specifically for general updates and inclement weather updates. (If using the "Join by text" option above, make sure to include the @ symbol then the code provided. If downloading the app, it automatically adds the @ symbol to the code):

  • North Mason High School: nmhs2303
  • James A. Taylor High School: jaths
  • Hawkins Middle School: hms2302
  • Belfair Elementary: be2233
  • Sand Hill Elementary: sh2330

Some teachers and our transportation department have their own codes. You can use the "search by school" option or ask your teacher/transportation department if they have a code.



Blackboard is used as our notification system to send out daily bulletins, announcements, surveys and emergency notifications. 

This system has the ability to send announcements to your home phone, cell phone, email and cell phone as a text message.

It is critical for North Mason School District to maintain the most up-to-date emergency contact information for our families. Please ensure that your child's school has your most current contact information.

All active student families are already in the system. Community members or other family members who would like to receive daily bulletins and announcements may register by going to HERE. You may log in or sign up using Facebook or Google.