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El Distrito Escolar de North Mason administrará la Prueba de Evaluación de Habilidades Cognitivas (CogAT) durante el mes de febrero en segundo y quinto grado, y también a aquellos estudiantes referidos por un padre / tutor o maestro. La Prueba de Habilidades Cognitivas (CogAT) mide las habilidades de razonamiento aprendidas por los estudiantes en las tres áreas más vinculadas al éxito académico en la escuela: Verbal, cuantitativo y no verbal. Esta prueba se utiliza para determinar la área académica potencial, así como los servicios de alta capacidad del distrito.

Si está interesado en recomendar a un estudiante, favor de completar el formulario de recomendación para las pruebas CogAT del distrito escolar de North Mason que se encuentra en la oficina principal de cada escuela y en el sitio web del distrito escolar de North Mason. Por favor devuélvalos a la oficina principal de la escuela de su hijo antes del 21 de enero. Si tiene más preguntas sobre las pruebas CogAT o el proceso de referencia, favor de comuníquese con Lisa Roberts, Asistente del Superintendente. (lroberts@northmasonschools.org)


The North Mason School District is committed to providing optimum learning opportunities for all students, including those who demonstrate skills, knowledge and aptitude that meet Washington State’s criteria of highly capable/gifted.  In order to identify these students and provide appropriate services, the North Mason School District screened all students in math and reading K-8 in January and February. Students who score comparatively high on multiple measures including the screener and have not been previously identified as highly capable will take the Cognitive Abilities Test with parent permission as part of the identification process for Highly Capable services. This testing will occur in February. The results of this test along with other measures of academic achievement are used for placement in cluster classrooms in the elementary/middle school or advanced math courses in the middle school. A letter of explanation will be sent home with all tested students.

Parents can request testing by completing a parent referral/permission form. This form is available on-line or at your child’s school office. This form needs to be returned to your child’s school main office by January 20th.  Dates and times will be determined depending on the number of referrals we receive. If you have any questions, please contact the Assistant Superintendent, Lisa Roberts, at 277-2295 (lroberts@northmasonschools.org).

Students that are highly capable/gifted are a unique population who show evidence of high achievement capability in areas such as intellectual, specific academic content, creativity, artistic, or leadership capacities.

Services and activities are provided by the school in order for these students to reach their fullest potential. These services are meaningful, age and developmentally appropriate, and socially stimulating for the each individual student.

North Mason School District is committed to offering a variety of opportunities to highly capable/gifted students.  We understand the need for a continuum of services as well as differing classroom instruction for highly capable/gifted students to meet their unique needs.

Elementary Programs Grades 3 - 5  
Cluster Classroom PowerPoint Presentation

Students identified at a specific grade level are clustered together whenever possible.  This provides the opportunity for highly capable/gifted learners to spend time with their intellectual peers.  Students placed in a cluster will:

  • Develop skills in creative thinking

  • Develop skills in critical thinking

  • Be challenged at a high cognitive level (i.e. Blooms Taxonomy)

  • Pursue independent study and research

  • Develop interaction skills of listening and communicating

Middle School Programs Grades 6 - 8
Honors Classes PowerPoint Presentation

Students interested in pursuing a specific content more in depth and at a more challenging level have the opportunity to apply and be enrolled in a variety of Honors classes.  A student who will be successful in these classes will:

  • Be highly motivated and enthusiastic for learning course content

  • Have good study habits

  • Be academically consistent or have shown academic growth for the past 2 years

  • Work well with others (collaborates well)

  • Desire to do more in-depth, complex assignments within chosen subject area

  • Self-manage time both in and out of school

High School Programs Grades 9 - 12

Advanced Placement 

Students at the high school level are encouraged to enroll in accelerated coursework upon completion of required pre-requisites.  Accelerate coursework may consist of the following:

  • Advanced Placement courses providing students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit.

  • Accelerated math placement

  • Tech Prep Courses

  • College Prep Courses

  • Running Start


For more information please contact the Coordinator of Highly Capable Programs:

Lisa Roberts - (360) 277-2295


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