About Us/Welcome

James A. Taylor High School provides a quality educational program for non-traditional learners. Students demonstrate mastery of basic skills required to learn and prosper in an ever changing world.

Students in James A. Taylor High School utilize Edgenuity as their primary instructional program. Edgenuity is a computer-based learning system which offers a large on-line library of interactive instructional courseware. Students progress through coursework only when they have achieved mastery. Credit is granted when students complete and master all on-line and off-line work.

A James A. Taylor High School diploma will be issued when students complete 24 credits and meet all state and school district graduation requirements.

James A. Taylor High School is located by North Mason High School at 90 E North Mason School Road, Belfair, WA  98528. Please contact our Office Coordinator, Naree Crabb, at 360-277-2329 for more information.